sexta-feira, 12 de fevereiro de 2010

capitulo 43

escrevi uma música pra ele...

mesmo sabendo que ele jamais terá a oportunidade de ler. escrevi mesmo assim, mesmo sabendo que ele jamais vai saber. Essa música é pra você, meu amor.

Oh stars, Forgive me
take me away from here
and I release this evil
sorry for all the things I said
and all the shooting stars I have denied
I felt alone, lost in the same boredom
you sent me someone
that would make my dreams
if they had been more clear, would not have left scarp.
Now I'm wandering in the paradise
And you watch me from afar,
But why should I worship something so weak that die before my eyes?
Stars will not see my tears
Now the stars weep
And form the oceans
I have so many dreams to accomplish
And yet, the world falls down there
He is crumbling
And I'm stuck in paradise, where never dawns
the stars weep
And now I can not break free
The world is over
I can only dance on the wreckage
cry, stars, weep for all the broken dreams
all innocence sold
all the novels wasted
For all the broken hearts
I will continue to wander in paradise
And do not lose oped
Lost in paradise
about the stars, forever
Oh stars
Forgive me

Obrigada por existir, inspiração :]

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